he story of M&H Communications

M&H Communications was established in 1991 by Dr. Matkó István and Horváth Krisztina. The founders of the company foresaw that market economy in countries of Central and Eastern Europe would develop differently in its form from the classical Western European model - due to national particulars. They anticipated that this specific Central European market would evoke particular models in the area of strategic communication as well, since the schemes used in the USA are not or at least not always adaptable in this region. Therefore, M&H has been utilizing the experience which was collected in the Central European region in the last 15 years.

Since its establishment, M&H Communications is ranked among the 1st to the 3rd most significant PR agencies in 2005 M&H was the first concerning income.

Our company is a specialist of strategic communication. We develop complex projects that aim at encouraging business interest enforcement, crisis communication, PR and social interest representation.

Dr. Matkó István and his team has been awarded several international prizes for their job since 1991. They won the IPRAs (International Public Relations Association) yearly professional competition. In spring 1993 our company was awarded the Certificate of Excellence prize valuing our jobs in 1992. In 1995 a project for Johnson&Johnson won one of the 1st prizes of the Golden World Award of the International Association. In 1996 our company won a prize of the Silver Prince Award, later in 1997, we won one of the 1st prizes.